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It was a pleasure to work with the filmmaker, local churches and community organizations to bring Church of Felons to Amery where it was viewed by nearly 800 people. The live auditorium screening in addition to the Question & Answer session brings great value and meaning to the overall experience!
- Tracy Hendrickson, Amery WI Community Education


The Official Church Of Felons Digital Screening Kit includes everything you need to launch a successful event.

You'll Receive:
+ Complete Film Download
+ Film Trailer (for promotion of your event)
+ Event Planning Guide
+ Digital Posters and Handouts
+ Logos For Custom Asset Creation
+ Screening License For Up To 2000 Attendees!
+ Ability to Fundraise and Charge Admission to your Event

Audience Testimonials

Real Audience Reactions:

Wow - I was very very touched and impacted, this hit very close to home.

Oak Forest Retreat Center, Frederic, WI

I've seen hundreds of documentaries... this is one of the best I've ever seen!

Flyway Film Festival, Pepin, WI

The energy, hope and action surrounding Church of Felons is infectious.

Sold-Out Screening In St. Croix Falls, WI

A strong reality check... beyond our expectations.

Green Bay Film Festival

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3. Bring The Church Of Felons To Speak LIVE!

"... I was stunned by the bold and truthful presentation.
Really impacted my team to work harder."
- Pastor William Durant, Branson MO

-Bring The Complete Experience-

Filmmaker Jordan Mederich and several subjects from the film bring a powerful, emotional, and inspiring presentation of forgiveness, compassion, and second-chances. A surefire crowdpleaser that will leave your audience stunned and enlightened about the addiction culture in America... and how to bring societal change on an often taboo subject.

Audiences are deeply touched when they get to ask questions, hear testimonies, and meet these multi-offense felons who have turned their lives around... permanently dedicated to helping others get out of the cage of addiction.

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"The energy, hope and action surrounding Church of Felons is infectious. In a community searching for ways to help those suffering from addiction, Church of Felons brings people together in the most positive and energizing ways possible – through hope, redemption and faith. Bringing Church of Felons to St. Croix Falls has started real conversations and brought together people who are invested in making concrete changes in our community. Church of Felons shows us there is hope and that we are truly all in this together."

Kate Murtaugh | Attorney, St. Croix Falls, WI

- Impact On A Personal Level -

Inspiring and eye-opening Q&A, passionate discussion, and one-on-one interaction makes the Church Of Felons Event truly one of a kind.

- One woman who attended was inspired from the event to start a much-needed teen center in her town.

- Dozens of individuals have reported long-awaited meetings of reconciliation and forgiveness with friends or relatives.

- Multiple individuals - previously avoiding treatment for a life-long addiction - accepting help to attend a recovery program... often sponsored by funds from Church Of Felons!

Your event will be a truly unforgettable evening, expect great things - trust us when we say, change is possible!

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Licensing Frequently Asked Questions

Do I need a license to show this film? +

Abiding by U.S. Copyright Law, you are legally obligated to purchase a license for any public display of the film. The rule of thumb is: if you are watching the film at home in private for a small group of family or friends, you're in the clear. Any screening outside the private home environment requires licensing or permission to view.

If you cannot afford a license, we'd be happy to work with you to make your event successful. Please contact us.

Can I charge admission to the event? +

The short answer, is YES!

We encourage you charge some type of admission for large events, this is based around 'Value Perception Theory', that people will not throw away tickets they've paid for, and they value the experience with some small 'buy-in'. You should also allot to give away tickets to those who cannot afford it. This helps you get a head-count of participants to anticipate approximate numbers for your event in advance.

If you would like for us to run your ticketing campaign, just get in touch!

Can I use the Church Of Felons Event as a fundraiser? +


We can partner with you to promote a powerful and engaging fundraising event for your organization.

Between ticket sales, merchandise splits and donations (addiction related non-profits only), we'd be happy to partner in this cause to make an impact! Please contact us to organize the specifics of your event.

What is Church Of Felons doing to fight addiction? +

Church Of Felons has also established an entity backed by a non-profit, to provide addiction recovery financing for people who cannot afford it in Polk County, Wisconsin. We ask all screenings to take a free-will donation towards the cause to help us bring hope to this desperate area.

So far, we've sponsored several people into Teen Challenge (a faith-based drug and alcohol recovery program), sponsored reconstructive dental work for recovered meth addicts that suffer from 'meth-mouth', organized a Celebrate Recovery Group, and many other efforts towards putting an end to the unprecedented level of hopeless addiction in Polk County.

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