Frequently Asked Questions

Can I Purchase A DVD Online? +


Please check out our event hosting page for info and order a DVD for personal viewing: CLICK HERE TO ORDER.

How Can I Host A Screening In My Town? +

First - you should contact any other interested groups or churches in your area that may also be interested in partnering on an event.

Then - if you'd like to organize the event yourself, go to our EVENT BOOKING PAGE to see all the available options and simply purchase your Screening Kit! We highly recommend considering bringing us to speak at your event, it's the perfect community engagement opportunity with those featured in the film.

What Is Your Goal With This Film? +

Already - we've placed several people into addiction recovery centers who otherwise couldn't afford it. We're giving recovered addicts a fresh start with new teeth after a life of suffering with "meth mouth".

In essence, we're giving second chances. We hope for big impact in Wisconsin and beyond in legislation, opportunity, and public perception of addicts.

For the film itself - we have a goal of having 500 individual screening events across the country, bringing significant awareness to our addiction issues as a nation.

How Can I Get Involved? +

You tell us!

We hope for partnerships with anyone who can help us advance the project. Whether it's political, business, counseling, or marketing... we'll use you to continue making a massive difference!